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NAME: Alejandra Vega

BIRTH PLACE: Venezuela

Alejandra Vega, LADY VEGA DJ, is organizing nights of Latin American and Caribbean music, as artistic director, artistic director’s assistant, vocalist, announcer and Dj.

The wide experience in latin ambients, in her home country and in Italy, allows her to assure always eccellents results in all the situations.

Since years she’s working for the diffusion of the Latin American music and culture as a dance teacher, writer of articles in italian specialized magazines like “ Dimensión Latina” , “Salsa”, “Ballo in Due”, “Ritmo latino”,. “Il Salserito” and “Latino!”.
She supervised the cover notes of the music compilation “Margarita caliente” n.11 (Alabianca) with the article “Bailar es Vivir”. She’s heading conferences about Caribbean music and culture in general.

She’s also leading with huge success the dancing night of “Karibe Urbano” in the discotheque “Big Club” (Padua, Italy) and in the “Café Latino Gallo Nero” (Treviso, Italy) as artistic director and Dj.

She created the radio program “Carretera central” , trasmitted by the broadcasting station “Radio Città del Capo”. (Bologna, Italy)

For three years she’s been receiving the prize “Grammy Italiano della Salsa”, the higher italian recognition for the Latin American music and culture operators.

She’s working also in discos and parties as a Dj: her musical proposal is not only formed by commercial latin hits, but she knows how to range with taste and refinement over a wide choice of stiles and genres able to satisfy the wish of dance and have fun of any present public.

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Contacts: cell. 349 3270680 e-mail  Padova - Italy